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Basinstreet.com, was brought online in 1994 by Dr. Karl Koenig, Ph.D, and is dedicated to the preservation of early jazz history. Creole band

Having spent many decades researching early jazz, Dr. Koenig is recognized as a leading authority on early New Orleans jazz history. He is the author of numerous books on the history of jazz and has written many articles in jazz journals.  Dr. Koenig has presented lectures before dozens of the leading musical organizations, both in the United States and in Europe, and has contributed several articles for the Grove's Musical Dictionaries.  Also a pianist, Dr. Koenig still performs, mixing playing piano with fascinating stories and trivia on a variety of songs and composers.


Jazz dance band


Where did jazz come from and who started it?
Early jazz originated as dance music and was influenced both by the existing dance music as well as the orchestras of the late 19th and early 20th century.  Jazz's musical heritage was mostly European, which became increasingly influenced by the American Negro music that augmented it.  The dance orchestra became enlarged from the 'Quadrille Orchestra' (violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet & string, bass) into what was called the 'Society Orchestra' or 'String Band -- adding trombone, piano, trap drums and later, saxophones.


Buddy Petit

Basinstreet.com offers over thirty books on early New Orleans jazz history, presenting information that has been painstakingly researched by Dr. Koenig from previously uncovered areas related to the historic beginnings of jazz.  Also available are nearly 300 musical arrangements of pre-jazz dance music and New Orleans jazz -- comprised of early historic publications and special arrangements of early jazz and dance music arranged by Dr. Koenig.


Dr. Karl Koenig's Autobiography "My Life and Career"


Basinstreet.com strives to provide jazz scholars, historians, and educators with information related to the early history of jazz which may not be readily obtainable through other sources.  We hope you enjoy your visit, and feel free to email Dr. Koenig with any questions you may have related to early jazz at drkjazz@basinstreet.com.

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